Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I love my Tata

Tata at my dining table.

Tata outside at the pool with Jacob and my uncle David his son.

Us at the Bellagio 

He is 84 years old now ...he has lung cancer and he says he's not hurting ...I hope if he has to go that he goes painlessly ..... I love him so much I was practically raised by him that I remember for at least half my life and my mom the other half but I do love him because he loved me so unconditionally....Love you Tata.

Tata May 2010

when tata was here ...cuando estaba en mi casa ....

we went to the Bellagio Casino to see the water show grandma Tayde used to like so much.

fuimos a ver el display del agua que le encantaba a mi abuela Tayde en el Bellagio Casino.