Sunday, July 25, 2010

Me and Aaron wen to see the "Fab Four" Beatles show in Vegas was good to me ...I am a fan ..

This was today July 25th ...just messing around and look behind me ...eeewww ...hahaha he said he didnt care if I posted it ..LOL
Aaron waiting for squish

there he is

what are you looking at ?

lets get on the slide !

here we go ... 

getting on the swings 


wheeeee ...


time to go now. .. 

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Errand trip

my son was hot today

we went to McDonalds

say Cheese !

see those pearlies.

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Brian's Birthday Party

Here was my friends Kat's son  birthday.

tried to get everyone in the pic but people kept moving LOL

my friend Kat

Brian the birthday boy with his uncle Pepe


Me ..he he

Kat again. I did her makeup.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

The whole gang here waiting for the mine ride at Knott's. It was April and all the kids birthdays are in April.

Me and my boys here.

Look at Jacob hubby wants to give me a kiss ..haha

"Hi there" little Jacob says ...

Here the boys look so handsome ...

My brother graduated middle school !

Off to high school to learn your trade and I hope you continue to greater heights and not stop at high school ...
be good brother and stay focused forward no matter what anyone says ! Love you and congradulations.

I stole these from my sister Jessica on the myspace. ... ill get better pics LOL

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Monday, July 12, 2010

A Day at Michaels the craft store

 Heres squish ...what a lovely smile

 heres Talena  with her pearly whites ...

 now the wide eyes ....

  Heres his pearlies LOL LOL LOL (Laughing Out Loud)

Show at the Sahara with my mom Doris and family

This as at the Sahara Casino arcade after seeing the show there.

My squish at the arcade driving a car hahaha

My husband Aaron was taking the pictures so he wasn't in any of them ... I have to switch with him more often.

This was after the show we were all sitting together hehehehe

My cutie son hes so funny

waiting in line to take a pic with the tigers

A little blurry there sorry ...

Theres the magician of the show with my children.

Then here with me and my sister and squish.

 Aren't the cousins cute !!!!!